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Dr. Boriack: I want to thank you for taking me as a patient. I've been following your prescription for meditation, counting my blessings and praying. I've been faithfully taking the [supplements] I got here. I've been eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I've been feeling a little better. Headaches are mild to severe, as opposed to moderate to severe. My stamina/energy is better. My spiritual goals are: forgiveness, turst and faith. My health/nutritional goals are to folllow your prescription for good whole healthy foods and lots of water. When I came in my head was throbbing and my neck was stiff. I had been this way a month with no end in sight. I felt so hopeless. When I left, the tension was decreased, and I was breathing more deeply. My spirits were lifted, and I know I was going to get well. We are true beings of complexity. We are body, mind and spirit, and I see that so clearly now. God bless you in the work you do for folks in our community. ~ Nancy M.

When I first walked into Dr. Boriack's office, I was in a really bad spot in my life. I was stressed at work, having sexual troubles and was having a laundry list of other ailments including one where my extremities would tingle for no reason. Dr. Boriack started off our first meeting with a prayer, something I was not expecting. I am not a religious person but was open to it. He sent me in for blood work and one week later I was in his office again. There was nothing out of the ordinary aside from a low vitamin D count. Dr. Boriack asked a few questions and had me fill out a "depression form" and I scored way higher than I thought I would on that. He had me start a daily vitamin regimen. After I filled out his form, we had another prayer. I'm not one to believe in miracles but something happened in that office. As cliche as it sounds, it felt like a weight had been lifted off of me. The most important thing he did did not involve medicine at all. He had me buy some books. These books have changed my life. Louise L. Hay's "You Can Do It" got me out of a hole I was in emotionally. Abraham Hicks' "Getting In The Vortex" guided meditations have made me feel better than I have ever felt in my life. Meditation is now part of my daily schedule. But, the most important book I read was Kelly Hayford's "If It's Not Food, Don't Eat It". The meditation and the positive energy of the first two books pale in comparison to how eating correctly makes you feel. When I think about it, I don't know where I would be if I hadn't walked into his office just 6 short weeks ago. It has tryly been a life changing experience. So, I owe him a very sincere thank you. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you! ~ M.Y.

When I first came into your office for my appointments, I walked in with trepidation. I also was a little curious about you. My referral told me that you were a very thorough doctor, which intriqued me. I needed someone just like that to help me with my medical needs. When I first met you, I began to nervously chat about my situation. You stopped me and asked to open in prayer which was unheard of in today's society much less in the medical field. I knew at that moment that we were going to be a good fit. From that moment on, I was not afraid of the blood work results. Even in the days that I had to wait for my next appointment to review the results, I was at peace. I knew that whatever the results revealed that I would be okay. I read the recommended books and gained insight as to how our conditions are connected to our fears, worries, anxieties, etc. I am looking forward to my journey with you both medically and spiritually. I am blessed that God brought us together. I am taking time for myself to be myself. I will continue to follow your advice, relax and be the woman God has always intended me to be. I love being a wife and a stay-at-home mom. That has been my childhood dream and now I am living it. Thank you for helping me see this. ~ Maria M.

Dr. Boriack, You are truly an example of a servant of God. Thank you so much for your time, care and concern. My mom has made a tremendous amount of progress since she began seeing you. She has eliminated 90% of her prescriptions and is feeling wonderful! I have never met a Dr. like you and strongly believe it was God himself that brought us all together. Thanks. ~ Angela & Connie

Thank you for all that you and your staff do for my mother although she has Alzheimer’s we have not stopped fighting. Your work and prayers help me keep her going. As long as you are practicing we will be around. ~ Chris L.

Just a few words to let you know how much I appreciate you. All the advice and especially the patience you’ve shown to me as my doctor. But the most I appreciate is the friend you are to me and my wife. Thank you for all your prayers. God Bless You Always. ~ Antonio & Sonya Vira

Dr. Boriack, Thank you for the time and dedication you spend with me each time I come for my appointments. You are so thorough evaluating my records and my health issues. I thank you for noticing the growth in pelvic area and my oncologist and gynecologist say that it is because of you that they were able to remove the tumor in time! You are such a blessing and you inspire me to get healthy and feel better in every way. God Bless You ~ Elizabeth J.

You are inspirational and a blessing to me and so many people. Thank you for your genuine dedication to your profession and for leading by example. I’m also very grateful for your wonderful staff! God Bless You! ~ Dee Dee

Dr. Boriack, I truly appreciate all of your care and attention that you have provided to me as your patient. You have listened to my concerns and have made the appropriate referrals. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 you provided me with a great team of doctors to treat me. I am truly grateful. The prayers that you provide at the end of our sessions/ visits are very uplifting and encouraging. Another thing that I find helpful is our one-on-one office chats in your office where you listen to any concerns or issues I may have and then try to find a solution. Thank you, Dr. Boriack for everything you have done for me and may God bless you. ~ Lillian A.

Just want to say thank you so much for the time you take to work with me, not only on my physical issues but on mental and spiritual concerns. I look forward to seeing you and working with you. May God bless you. ~ John Guerra

This is simply a note of thanks and gratitude for the part in my healing your beautiful flowers played. There is no way I can express all I feel about your keeping me alive. Love ~ Paul

In the almost five years that you have been my primary care physician, I have enjoyed a vast improvement in my physical health. For almost thirty years my healthcare had been fragmented because of frequent moves and interrupted care under the military healthcare system. You’ve been a blessing to me because you are a constant and continued presence in my life. Your attention to all the many factors influencing health is testimony to how much you love being a doctor and how much you care for the overall health and welfare for your patients. May God bless your with an abundance of love, joy, and peace. Sincerely ~ Sylvia B. Raye

Thanks Doc for just listening to my heart, my thoughts, and even my soul. It takes all to be healthy and you, “My Friend”, take care of all of these points. My path to good health and state of mind has been in your hands for many years. I feel blessed in knowing you. God bless you. ~ Rodger Holmes

Thank you for all the prayers and help you have given my husband and I. God bless you. A good doctor adds years to your life. And we have found you Dr. Boriack. ~ Manuel & Melodi

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! What an awesome experience and friendship we have enjoyed by having a Christian doctor who prays with us and for us. We are not just a number, we have a name and we are all special in his eyes as well as God’s eyes. What a wonderful listener and encourager Dr. “B” is. It is always a joy to visit our doctor – knowing he is genuinely concerned and thorough in tests and exams on us. We thank God for Leroy and know he receives and gives God's blessings daily. In Christ’s Love ~ Rod & Jan

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