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Healthy Foods

Nutrition Title

Complete and Balanced Nutrition
It is necessary for the body cells to be energized and function properly. Deficiencies result in cellular imbalance, setting the stage for poor energy, weight gain, and organ dysfunction. Eventually a disease of some sort will manifest, such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, chronic fatigue, rapid aging and a myriad of diseases that develop from a weak immune system.

Quick Assessment
Through a simple interview process we will quickly assess your lifestyle patterns. It is very important that the results be interpreted in a kindly and nonjudgmental way by the patient and doctor alike. We are where we are after a lifetime of thinking, believing and living a certain way. So now what? “The truth sets us free”.

The Next Step
This an appropriate solution. Each person is unique with their mind set, willingness and finances. These are treated respectfully as they well deserve. I find that baby steps work well and is what most patients are willing and able to do. Sometimes a small step is all we can do at the time. That is ok. If you want the whole enchilada, Ole! Can do. We will help coach you through the steps that will empower you to get you the results you want. A lot of power and energy comes out of making that decision to move forward. We are blessing ourselves and giving ourselves a well-deserved pat on the back when we do that. We keep "the next step" simple, doable and affordable.

We can recommend supplements that are appropriate depending on each person’s individual needs. There are over 250,000 neutraceutical products on the market. Which are the best choices specifically for you? We can help you make a well informed decision.

Our body knows what to do when we give it what it needs. It can and will heal and restore itself. We are not too far gone or too old to experience benefits. We would like to help!


Couple doing exercise

Exercise Title

Why don't we exercise?
Only one out of three Americans exercise with any regularity. Why do we resist? We have probably picked up mental blocks along the way that sabotage our good intentions.

How does exercise help me?
Through exercise our brain manufactures endorphins which give us that "good feeling" effect. It revs up our metabolism and our circulation improves, carrying much needed oxygen and nutrition to our body cells. It increases our elimination of waste materials from our body. As our circulation and breathing increase more oxygen and nutrition are brought to our cells. Waste materials and toxins that tend to store and puddle are released and eliminated through our breath and skin pores. Our sluggish muscles and body organs are stimulated and start working better. Once we make the decision and take that first action step, even if it’s a small step, we start feeling better.

Do I need a coach?
A good coach can be very helpful. It is difficult for us to see our own problem habits and know the things we need to know to sensibly change them. Some of the old coaching styles are discouraging and fraught with error. An individualized program that is considerate of one's age, any health issues, finances and individual preferences is ideal. Be gentle with yourself and remember the body wants to be well and will respond if we give it what it needs. Starting out with a modest program and gradually building up is the best way to go for most folks.

What kind of exercise do I need?
I caution against a “moomoo” exercise program (one size fits all). We need some form of aerobic exercise on a regular basis to stimulate our circulation and breathing. We also need stretch and muscle strengthening exercises to maintain joint flexibility and muscle strength and mass. We also need exercises to maintain our coordination and balance skills. The old adage “Use it or lose it” is true.

How do I stick with it?
Many of us are most likely to keep up with and expand our exercise program if we are working out with a coach, a friend, or in a group setting. It is more exciting and fun that way. If we choose to exercise solo for our own practical reasons, there are many exciting and fun programs on DVD. And as we choose to exercise, let's see it as a treat. That really is what it is. It is a way to feel better and look better.

Let's get started and be easy about it!
People with health issues need a program appropriate for them. There are exercises that can be done lying in bed. Do you like that one? There are water exercises for the orthopedically impaired. We’ll work with you no matter where you are. Come see us and we will help you get started. We know local resources and trainers that are available at reasonable cost. They will be willing to set you up with a home program with minimal supervision if that be your preference. Again, we are here to help you develop a program that is workable, doable, and affordable for you. Above all, let's make it fun.



Stress Management Title

The Problem
We all seem to be on the fast track and many of us feel stressed out at times. Many feel stressed out most of the time. Regardless of what our situation is, things can get better if we learn to manage our stress.

Some simple counseling to sort out the issues can help a lot. Sometimes we “can’t see the forest for the trees”. An objective review can give one a different perspective. I believe there are solutions to most problems if we will but allow ourselves to take a look.


There are many. I’ll name some that are used very successfully. I can acquaint you with what is involved in each and help you choose what may be a good match for you

  • Quiet time-15 minutes a day can do wonders for healing.
  • Focused breathing exercise - a wonderful way to center and relax. 5 minutes can do wonders.
  • Massage
  • Yoga, Tai Chi
  • Martial arts
  • Tennis, golf
  • Sailing, fishing, hunting
  • Handwork, painting, carpentry

“All work and no play... makes Jack a dull boy”

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